Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sick of hypocrites!

If you are a nice person then act like one! If you constantly have to go around telling people that you normally are a nice/positive person but their behavior has caused you to be unkind/negative then you are a lying hypocrite!

I do not pretend to be a super happy, friendly, cheerful, optimistic person. I am okay with the fact that sometimes I am not as nice as I should be. But I do not tell people that they are fat or ugly or stupid or that a whole group or usually non-judgmental people all hated them and then 2 seconds later mention how I am saying these things lovingly or that I normally nice but they are making me be rude. I own up to the fact that I was a snot face because it is the mature thing to do. Well actually I don't really ever say those things to people and do not consider myself to be a positive person so what does that say about people who would say those things???

Monday, May 17, 2010

Stupid people

Stupid people bug me! They come in so many different types but they are all equally annoying!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Not going far enough?

I think we have all seen this sign in dressing rooms but today when I was trying on pants I was thinking you know what, I hope people were wearing undergarments when/if they tried on these pants and the same goes for any other clothing I try on/buy. While I may not be "going commando" in the pants or a skirt or dress etc but it kinda creeps me out to think someone else might have.... But I do shop at thrift shops and who knows what people did in those clothes. I guess that is what washers and driers are for....

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Stupid fleur di lis!

I was voting for the Colts (blue guys) cuz horseshoes are way cooler than fleur-di-lis but the dumb gold guys (Saints) won. One of the touch downs was quite impressive. The one where the gold guy had to weave in and out of people to get to the end zone. But the one where the gold guy didn't have a blue guy within like 20 yards of him, that one was just ridiculous especially since another gold guy almost caught up with him at the end. Blue guys need to learn to run faster!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Next blog

Ok so at the top of the page on blogspot you can click next blog. I have noticed they tend to be somewhat related to the blog you were looking at. So if you are looking at a family blog or have a certain religion as a theme odds are good you will get a family blog from someone of the same religion. But as you continue to click next blog it seems to base it on the new blog for a similar one. And then at some point either it gets confused or bored and starts giving you random blogs with reviews of sex books. So now I am trying to figure out if it really does try to match for a bit or if there are just lots of people with family blogs....

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Student vs Learners - it's just semantics

At work we are switching from saying student to learner. Which is cool I am fine with that I went from debtors to consumers before and from clients to participants so I can make this change too and it don't mind which word we use. But some people were discussing and someone else posted a link to an article which explains the difference some people think exists between the two words. The main differences they posted are
Student Learner
What do I have to do for the grade? What do I think is important?
How do I know when I’m done? Done? How can I be done?
What do I need to know? What haven’t I looked at yet?
I’m just here for the grade I’m here to answer my own questions
Wants to know the Right Answer Knows there are no Right Answers

I can see their point and all but I don't like it because of how our education system is set up. I know from personal experience if you are in school and act/think like a learner you get punished for it in the form of a lesser grade and/or failing. And some people don't care what grade you get but if you want to continue on in your education and you have all Cs you might have some issues. I dont' know maybe you could try to write on grad school applications that you are a learner not a student and that effected your grades but I don't know if that would work. Often things I think are important in classes the teacher doesn't think are important and aren't on assignments or tests. If you are only there to answer your questions and they don't line up with the teacher's ideas you could have an issue. And good luck with no right answers on an exam.

I am not saying that you should just memorize everything you know will be on the test that learning for yourself is also important but when you are in a structured learning environment often times you have to think more like a student and when/if you have time think like a learner. When I was in school I thought like a student most of the time and when I was done with the assignments or on breaks from school I would think like a learner. I think being a learner is great when I was doing my 2 year apprenticeship with a midwife in North Central Idaho I was a learner most of the time and studied whatever midwifery related topics that interested me or came up in births I attended. It was excellent but I know when/if I get into a midwifery program I will have to leave much of that style behind and focus more on what the curriculum dictates.

I guess my main issue is that the tone of the student/learner issue is usually that learners are somehow better or more real than students. I just find that to be an unfair comparison like if you were to compare someone who is independently wealthy and volunteers at a food bank for fun and the people who work there and still barely have enough money to get by. You could say the volunteer truly cares about the people and the workers are just money grubbers! Umm no the people who work there might care about the people who come to the food bank they just need the money. I think student can truly care about learning they just have to play the game to some extent to pass classes and get the grades they need to get where they want to be in life.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Old music videos

I loved Much music I wish I still had it... The Life Unexpected commercial made me think of Roswell which made me think of Here with me by Dido but I like the original video and then I was like oh and there was that one whrere the girl is driving down the highway and at the end of the long version she like smashes a mailbox or something... I was thinking it might be by the Cardigans so I looked up Cardigans music videos from 1999 (when the Dido one is from) and found LoveFool which I knew was wrong but I clicked on it and on the related videos was Losing my Favorite Game and I was like yep that is it. Now I should watch Believe and then it would be all my favorite weird music videos.